BRANDING: Poseidon Pale Ale


The first step in creating a brand is to brainstorm to get all the ideas out on the table. Poseidon was relied upon by sailors for a safe passage on the open waters. Many stories of early sailing would have a deity that commanded the sea. So with the chart below I would have all the connections connecting back to the original name.



- Greek God                 - Commands the seas

-Son of Kronos            -  Brother to Zeus and Hades




With all the brainstorming done you are ready to start the sketching process. For this process I wanted to create a logo that is going with the latest trend, a more simplistic approach to logo design. Or in layman's terms the "Hipster Trend". With the logo I wanted an iconic symbol to represent the brand. Poseidon is known to carry a trident, and also he was the God of the Seas. So with the sketches I went back and fourth with the trident and a ships helm to represent the ocean.


Digital Mocks

During the roughs process, I went back and tried to create the "X" look to the logo and give it a different approach to make it unique when it came to that certain logo type. After a bit of tampering, I decided to scrap that idea and just go with the trident. With some redefining and playing with thick and thin lines I reversed out that logo and came to the end result.


After I figured out the logo, I started to create the label for my product. With this particular label I wanted to some how have something to do with water. The label is a front view of a ship coming towards you. As you notice the way the water is parting in front of the ship.




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