The whole idea behind this brand is to create an atmosphere that combines art and food. Where people can eat, and enjoy art at the same time. The inspiration came from the art scene in North Park, San Diego, CA.




For the sketches I played around with the idea of trying to mixed with the idea of art and food together. I came up using paint brushes to replace the L's. After a few sketches or so, I am to the conclusion of having an icon in the logo with the name in the text.


Digital Mocks

Once the concept was chosen I began to work on the digital mocks. I played with the idea of incorporating a picture frame and a table. The final was chosen after a few mocks.



To the left is the final logo. "Gallery was founded on the idea of bringing art and food together. With a variety of whiskeys and crafted beers this bar/ restaurant has something for just about anyone. Whether you're into the art scene or the music scene, the gallery is an inspiring dining experience."




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